the helmet of horror

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the helmet of horror
the helmet of horror is an interactive audiovisual labyrinth, creating a one-person virtual space, visible from outside. the concept is based on the same titled cyber fiction by Viktor Pelevin. The image projected on the ground that the user walks on is picturing the helmet itself the user of the installation is actually wearing.

The users movement on the ground image is tracked, and by this tracking is the users movement sonicly defined, paralell to the spiral way time moves in the helmet. This very helmet is the one of Minotaur's, and is itself the Labyrinth:

'The separator labyrinth arises from inside the helmet that exists inside this labyrinth.

Installation concept:Juli Laczkó

Programming: Zsolt Korai

Realisation: Juli Laczkó and Zsolt Korai

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

the installation consists of several parts:

- a phisical helmet with wireless headphones and light reflecting material

- infra LED reflector on the ceiling

- infrared camera on the ceiling

- projection, slide or digital, min. 3 meters radius on the ground

- computer processing data with vvvv

- wireless headphones sign emitter

(- cables)

We can practically provide or rent all of the equipment needed, but some can be rented or borrowed on the spot if possible. Installation and fine testing time can take some time.

The first time we built the installation, had only Hungarian visitors so the audio needs translation. We used simple slide projector with wide angle lens in a 6 meters high space, that could be developed into digital projection.

For further details and more pictures please contact us!

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