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AVnode - это международная сеть и база данных артистов и профессионалов, организующая деятельность в области аудиовизуального исполнительского искусства.

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Simone Sims Longo

Simone Sims Longo

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[Текст доступен только на английском языке] Neutro is an audio-video multichannel live performance aimed to explores ‘insignificance’ using forms of sound that develop over time and space. The work has four parts, each part uses a different video technique, finding new way of correlation and of In

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DA Z 2021

  • 27 // 31 октября 2021
  • DA/S DIGITAL ART AND SCIENCE, Zurigo, Svizzera

Physical - Performance online

  • пятница, 22 октября 2021

Simultan Festival 2021 - Call for Video Submissions

  • 11 // 19 сентября 2021
  • MultipleXity, Timișoara, Romania

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вторник, 03 августа 2021

REAL-IN Open call for Residencies

[Текст доступен только на английском языке] The calls are open to creatives and artistic teams with an immersive and/or interactive project (in development or finalized) into which they would like to implement a collective and interactive dimension. Your project must be in one the following Music

четверг, 29 июля 2021

Open Call: 1minute Projection Mapping in Tokyo

[Текст доступен только на английском языке] "1minute Projection Mapping" is an international video mapping competition. It is the biggest mapping contests in Asia aria. The theme for this year is “Hope”. Draw a vision that gives people hope and courage and envisions a positive and energetic future

среда, 28 июля 2021

Open Call: SIMULTAN Festival 2021—Unstable State of Things

[Текст доступен только на английском языке] SIMULTAN is an annual festival dedicated to interdisciplinary arts – emerging media projects, experimental music and audio-visual and sound projects, in order to support new forms of artistic expression. The festival program includes live audio-visual a