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Thomas Vallianatos

Thomas Vallianatos

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[Text available only in English] "Trumptard" is a new media art project based on audio reactive & real time live visuals. The scope of the project is to create experimental audioreactive animation via various techniques and mediums, such as generative art, live visuals, VR, depth camera, digital &

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AMURAL Festival Vizual

  • 26 // 29 августа 2021
  • Brasov Main Square, Brașov, Romania

Little Island Festival 2021

  • 21 // 25 августа 2021
  • Porto Sikinos, Alopronia, Grecia

The Joyous Thing 2

  • 27 // 28 февраля 2021

четверг, 25 февраля 2021

Call for Artist: Radici

[Text available only in English] Futuro Arcaico - Osservatorio Artistico Digitale, curated by Folklore Elettrico, launches the first national Call for Artist aimed at visual, sound and multimedia artists, with the ambition of tracing new paths and mapping the story of traditions and folklore that

четверг, 25 февраля 2021

Open Call: Residenze Digitali 2021

[Text available only in English] Exploring the digital space: the second edition of the Residenze Digitali call. Great opportunity for artists of the contemporary scene who want to explore the digital space in their own authorial path. Will be selected 6 artistic projects , with 3500 euros of of

среда, 24 февраля 2021

Open Call: Open Futures 2021

[Text available only in English] Open Futures 2021 will enable 8 artists, consisting of 4 collaborating pairs, from the fields of dance and the digital arts, to investigate and explore the potential for interdisciplinary exchange that encompasses practices for the stage, gallery, installation, and