Mandala Nature - a sacred geometry projection mapped sand mandala

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Mandala Nature - a sacred geometry projection mapped sand mandala
[Text available only in English] A Sacred Geometry Sand Mandala -

We draw the geometric shape with analog tools from nothing... Just chalk, a ruler and a compass. We then fill in the shape with stones, colored sand and shells.
Then projection map it; this then brings the whole mandala experience to a level beyond the realms of normal consciousness...

This is an ongoing process, we start at the beginning of the gig and don't stop until the last stone is laid.

People are encouraged to join in and help fill in the geometric shape.

Once finished we will map the surface with custom animations based from the shape; these are intended to run all weekend.

more examples -

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Что нужно

This installation works better outdoors if possible and last for the entire event

A Wide Angle Projector

T-bar Stand or Trussing for projector

A Flat surface that has level ground 8 x 8 feet in area.
2x 8x4ft ply wood sheets, 4x planks

pea sized decorative stones, like the ones in a graveyard.
we need around 4 - 8 bags approx 4:1 ratio white to black stones

we will provide the trimmings and magic to make the mandala shine

People are welcome to create visuals for the mandala from our after effects file.

  • AV Installation



Ireland Kildare, Galway, Dublin

Mandala Nature
Mandala Nature

Ireland Dublin, Kildare, Galway