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  • Experimental Electronics
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Please find following information about my performance:
The show allow us to feel the pulse of the world in a short time immersive performance. At the beginning the sound is generated by the Internet and let us hear the network processes and rhythms. The final part is taken over by the performer. Real time generated images are based on economy & social related content and refer to the current world situation. Spectator is immersed by the images and sounds of always up to date signals from the world.
The viewers are free to search for new meanings, associations and inspirational sequences from the decomposed content - the process may become generator of new ideas, own interpretations or surprising conclusions.
Text content comes from Internet portals like
Technical requirements:
- Beamer & screen
- Sound system (amplifier + speakers)
- Internet
Software system, stands, musical instruments, lights are provided by the performer.
Time of the performance: approx.. 15 minutes.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

Sound system

What the artists brings

Ableton Live

  • AV Performance
  • Generative
  • Experimental Electronics


Filip Gabriel Pudło
Filip Gabriel Pudło

Poland Warsaw


LPM 2022 Rome
LPM 2022 Rome
воскресенье, 12 июня 2022

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