Zsolnay Light Festival & Glowing Bulbs

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Zsolnay Light Festival & Glowing Bulbs
Zsolnay Light Festival
Zsolnay Light Festival is “light celebration” and is organized by the City of Pécs, for four days, flooding the city from Thursday to Sunday night with its spectacular attractions and street art productions.

On Friday, the Lightgadgeteer which debuted with a great success this year opens its gate again together with the hair-sculptors of the Spanish Sienta La Cabeza group, who are happy to join again those festival attendants who are eager to get their glittering designs out of the events. Next year the specialty of the Light Carnival will be the magical musical vehicle of Rodafonio, this rolling wonder will definitely invite the festival audience to dance.

The monumental facade of the Cathedral will be the venue of the international Zsolnay Light Art mapping competition, which will certainly be the most interesting program of Saturday night. Again our professional partner and host of the competition is the team of Glowing Bulbs.
In expanded area, even bigger and more spectacular works than last year will be seen on the city's most well-known buildings and in exciting hidden alleys creating the 25 stations tour of the Way of Light.

Glowing Bulbs
Viewers are given the space to freely interpret these situations and explore their own individual narratives within the frames of perception".
In past years, Glowing Bulbs has created numerous video mapping and panoramic projections, live VJ performances, music videos, short films and stand alone video installations.
Their work has been exhibited at festivals, galleries and museums throughout Hungary, The United States, China, England, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia and Romania.

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Glowing Bulbs
Glowing Bulbs

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