Luminose Zoo

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Luminose Zoo
Luminose Zoo is a sculpture composed by sources of light, some objects and a wall to watch the shadows of the objects.
It creates scenes of colored shadows, mixed together and in movement.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

a dark room
a white wall
electricity to plug 5V 2A, or 5V 15A (for an arduino and a strip led)
i can present many configurations, so each set up need an electricity plug.
each setup is composed by 1 meter of strip led at 50 cm of the wall, and the shadow takes 3 or 4 meters on the wall (width), and 2 meters on the wall (height).
the setup could be put on the floor, or on a base.
I could present 3 setups totally different, it could use 3 different walls in a room.
Today it comes with no sound (it is a choice, all my kind of visual performances come with no sound)

  • AV Installation


Luminose Zoo
Luminose Zoo

France Nieppe

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