Interactive realtime video mapping and tracking

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Interactive realtime video mapping and tracking
This workshops gives an introduction on available software and tools to use in interactive installations and performances.

Video mapping is mostly done with prerendered videofiles and masks. This limits the possibilities for realtime interaction and modifications.

During this workshop we want to develope our own interactive spatial installations. Participants will be guided to build a custom live drawing tool with openFrameworks.

Introduction to Motion Tracking using the Xbox 360 Kinect Camera.

If possible Participants should bring their own video projector and devices for sensing like kinect, leapmotion, mobilephone.

Coding Skills are helpful but not necessary.

openFrameworks is an open source C++ toolkit for creative coding.

Martin Mayer alias sinsynplus is a visual artist and VJ based in Berlin and Munich.

he combines graphical elements, interactive, generative, audio-reactive code and real-time manipulated 3D meshes to a unique visual language.
as part of media art group mayer+empl he specializes in interactive realtime video mapping.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

2 or more video projectors, video cables, power source, internet, tables

What the artists brings

computer, kinect, leap motion

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Germany Munich