Ephemeral dancers

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Ephemeral dancers
Movement, time and light are the key elements of this work in exploring the ephemerality of images. Ephemeral Dancers uses the idea of ephemerality to question our perception and to create an understanding of images as a transient result of the artistic process. Dance, video and phosphorescence are the essential tools used for the projection of images onto a photosensitive surface. They appear, merge and vanish, allowing the viewers to see the impermanent essence of images. Thanks to the phosphorescent paint, images are transformed from video to brief light radiation that re-emits the video projection and which creates a multilayered video painting where movement and time are just traces of light.

Duration (minutes)

its thought to be a semi-permanent installation consisting of a 3 minutes loop

What is needed

+3000 ANSI projector with HDMI input, Projector support, completely dark space of minimum 9 m2

What the artists brings

Phosphorescent surface, Raspberry-PI

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Miguel Canal
Miguel Canal

Germany Germaniapromenade (Berlin)