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El ciclo eterno

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El ciclo eterno
[Текст доступен только на английском языке] Uroboros "El ciclo eterno" expresses the unity of all things, material and spiritual, which never disappear but perpetually change form in an eternal cycle of destruction and new creation.

In alchemy, the Ouroboros symbolizes the circular nature of the alchemist's work that unites the opposites:
conscious and unconscious, being also a symbol of purification, which represents the eternal cycles
of life and death.

Uroboros or effort also symbolizes eternal, the eternal struggle or wasted effort, since the
cycle begins again in spite of efforts to prevent it.

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Tecnic rider:
Acoustic Drums (5pz)
Electric Guitars (3 Guitar Amps)
Electric Bass or Cello Bass (Amp Needed or Direct Line)
Electronics/Process (stereophonic Direct Line)
Video Proyector (2500 Lumens Minimum)
Amplified Stereo Audio System
Audio Console (8 to 12 channels Available)
Microphone System
Screen or Projection Surface

  • AV Performance
  • Generative
  • Electroacoustic



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LPM 2013 Mex
LPM 2013 Mex
суббота, 26 января 2013

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