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Workshop lightmotiv
We would like to give a workshop about lightmotiv and show the other guests how to create this kind of liquid art which is a unique technology of ours.

Visual content produced with the lightmotiv projector: organic forms and natural processes lead to aesthetic interface reactions.

The lightmotiv projector enlarges the liquid content of a petri dish up to 100 meters in diameter.

A lightmotiv artist influences the content of the projection mixture by adding effect substances and rotation. The multicolored images are created in a constant flow through the structure-forming processes stimulated by the substances. Lightmotiv images have a timeless, organic quality.

In the age of technical reproducibility, lightmotiv offers the chance of consciously experiencing the uniqueness of the moment. The beauty of natural structures is the analogous counterpoint to the hustle and bustle of a digitized world. The fascinating pictorial worlds, in which the laws of nature work, induce the viewer to contemplation and thus lead him to take a look at his inner world.

Duration (minutes)

one hour

What is needed

We would use one of our lightmotiv projectors. Moreover, we would need a surface on which to project our lightmotiv art.

What the artists brings

We would like to do lightmotiv which is a kind of liquid art unique to our firm.

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Germany Bielefeld