Vector synthesis to LASERS [150 €]

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Vector synthesis to LASERS [150 €]
Have you ever heard about vector synthesis and Lissajous’s curves?

What’s the connection between the mid 800’s studies of a French mathematician, a type of sound synthesis developed in the 80’s and lasers?

In this workshop you will be given the fundamentals in order to start experimenting with the creative tools that link sound and its visual representation.

In order to start creating you’ll only need two simple oscillators, whether they are analog or digital, and a vectorial monitor.

During the seminar you will be shown and taught several techniques on patches production on Max/MSP, Pure Data, VCV Rack, Ableton Live. In addition the lessons will cover how to connect audio ports or analog synthesisers to the ILDA standard interface of lasers.

Students requirements:
- Macbook OSX or Notebook Windows
- Personal headphones or IEM
- Cycling'74 Max/MSP (also demo version), Pure Data, VCV rack

Duration (minutes)


What is needed


What the artists brings

Laser projector, MacBook pro , sound card MOTU, Oscilloscope

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Giuseppe Acito
Giuseppe Acito

Italy Emilia-Romagna


LPM 2020 Rome
LPM 2020 Rome
12 // 15 марта 2020