Astrattismo I

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Astrattismo I
We should not write “about” Art, but “with” Art (and with art in general), as Jankélévich
states during an interview . The phrase is deliberately paradoxical, but to be read with the
utmost seriousness. What it means to “say” is that the attitude which makes art an “object”
to write about, is able to arise only within art itself. The pace of this writing should be
unsystematic and less inclined to follow the conventional canons of classical essay writing.
Art is not made for revealing the me aning; paradoxically once again, what art can do at
most, is to show the meaning by removing it and by making it fugacious in the act of
revealing it. At best, we can catch a glimpse of it as a reflex (“to say it over and over again,
relentlessly and inexhaustibly” ), without leading it to “say” substantial, as we are often
persuaded to believe in Western culture context.
Abstract Audio Video enterely made with open source software Supercollider.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

The best solution, by technical point of view, would be to screen the audio/video
installation by use of a beamer on a white wall (approximate size could be 1,7 x 1
meter). Then, it'll be necessary to use two or four headphones (depending on the space
available) connected to a headphone amp/splitter for the sound.
I think by isolating the sound from the surrounding space the aimed
experience of the video will be enhance.

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Italy Cagliari